Things You Didn’t Know about Magnolia

We see them on the supermarket chillers, we have them every morning for breakfast. Magnolia is so tightly woven into our everyday life that sometimes, it is hard to imagine that it is more than just a brand.

Here are 4 interesting facts about Magnolia that you need to know.

1. Magnolia’s long heritage in Singapore

Magnolia’s long heritage in Singapore began way back in 1937. By 1940, Singapore Dairy Farm opened along Bukit Timah (Chestnut Drive), and that laid the foundation of a modern milk manufacturing industry in Singapore.

Back in the early days, the 180 acres of farmland had a herd of 800 imported temperate cows, and over the years, the farm progressed to produce quality milk of international standards.

Despite its humble beginnings, Magnolia grew to become one of Singapore’s well-loved and trusted brands.
2. The iconic pyramid pack

Baby boomers will remember this nostalgic pyramid-shaped Tetra Pak from the 1950s that contained pasteurised and homogenised milk and came in two flavours: plain and creamy. It rose to become the icon of that era! In the 1970s, the introduction of the National Milk Scheme in 1974 saw many children drinking packets of Magnolia milk in school.
3. The Magnolia Snack Bars

The first Magnolia Snack Bar at Capitol Building. Credit: The Peak Magazine

Magnolia Snack Bar along Orchard Road /Credit: WordPress bymyoldschool
Before Starbucks and Coffee Bean, Singapore used to have Magnolia Snack Bars! The first Magnolia Snack Bar opened its doors at the old Capitol Building in the late ’60s, serving ice creams, milkshakes and cakes. The Magnolia Snack Bar was a hit with Singaporeans both young and old, for social gatherings and post-movie bites.
4. Magnolia is 80 years old

Magnolia celebrates its 80th anniversary this 2017! Being a trusted companion to many families for generations, it is the fresh milk that mummies and children love because mornings are always better with Magnolia.

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