Breakfast Ideas to Encourage Reluctant Breakfast Eaters

With boundless energy, children are almost too busy to eat! Sometimes it can be all drama-mama just getting them to eat breakfast. We can’t promise these tips will save you from other morning drama (e.g. bad hair day), but they should convert your reluctant kid into a breakfast fan.


Pack Small Items in Your Kid’s Bag

It’s not a beautiful scene force-feeding breakfast to your screaming child. Rather than welcoming the day on a chaotic note, we suggest packing nutritious snacks that fit in your child’s bag, and can be eaten or drank in little bites on the trip to school. One good snack is a packet of milk (e.g. Magnolia Smoo Milk).


Get Your Little One Involved

Ask your children to join you in the kitchen by giving them small tasks to help. When children participate in breakfast preparation, they take more ownership of it and are more likely to eat it. You can develop this line of play by allowing them to help make real food, such as pouring the milk into their cereal bowls.


Enjoy Breakfast Together with Your Child

Mother is the most influential figure on matters of nutrition in the family. If mums eat and promote breakfast, so will their children. Thus, it’s important to sit down and enjoy the breakfast with your kids. Watching you eat breakfast, will instil in your child that a healthy morning meal is an important part of the day.

Remember that your child learns what constitutes to a healthy meal by watching what you eat. Take the opportunity to fill your plate with the same healthy foods you want your kid to eat, and the chances are that they’ll eat.


Make It a Game

Make breakfast a fun affair for your kids by turning it into a game. Award points to your child when they finish the breakfast. Accumulated the points towards an ultimate prize. For instance, pancakes at McDonald’s on the weekends, or chocolate milk instead of the usual plain ones. Prizes should be focused on breakfast to emphasise the importance of the meal.


Get Creative

Eating the same breakfast can be boring for your little ones. Try making the breakfast attractive by garnishing or using shapes and colours to pique your child’s interest. Some fuss-free ways include cutting toast into shapes with cookie cutters or topping the cereal with milk and fresh fruits. Alternatively, you would try serving your child milk in colourful cups.


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