5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Drink Milk

Have a fussy little eater? It can be difficult to ensure picky eaters get the nutrients they need. However, it’s important to get your kids into the habit of healthy eating.
For example, calcium builds up bones in kids, so getting into the habit of drinking calcium-rich milk is important to your child’s bone health and strength now — and for the long term.[1] The recommended daily calcium intake is as follows:

  • 500 milligrams (mg) for children aged 1–3 years
  • 600 mg for children aged 4–6
  • 700 mg for children aged 7–9
  • 1,000 mg for teenagers aged 10–18[2]

These five fun tips will help them to drink up and even love milk:
1. Make Milk Desserts

Sweet treats are likely to attract their attention and amp up their appetite. Try making these milk and passion fruit ice lollies with high-calcium, low-fat milk as a nutritious and delectable snack.

2. Cook Meals with Milk

Milk can also be a perfect ingredient for making meals too! Try this milk-braised chicken recipe — your children are sure to ask for seconds!

3. Use Colourful and Fun Props

Milk will seem a lot more fun to drink when it’s slurped through squiggly, colourful straws. Having milk in a special glass or your child’s favourite cup will make the drink all the more appealing in their eyes.

4. Let them Experiment

Cereals are a great way to get your children to drink more milk than they realise. Allow them to add different cereals to a bowl of milk, instead of just eating one type. They are more likely to eat more as they relish their creative efforts. Switch it up sometimes and offer them different flavours of milk that are equally tasty and nutritious, such as chocolate.

5. Play a Game and Drink Up

Get your kids to pour you a glass of milk too then compete with each other to see who can get the biggest milk moustache. Children learn how to act from their parents and they will pick up healthy habits if you have them too.[3]


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