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magnolia is born

Magnolia’s story begins in 1937, when it was founded by Fred Heron. Despite its humble beginnings, it slowly but steadily grew to become one of Singapore’s well-loved brands today.


singapore Dairy Farm is set

Located along Bukit Timah (Chestnut Drive), Singapore Dairy Farm was an effort that laid the foundation of a modern milk manufacturing industry. Its 180 acres of farmland was eventually populated by a herd of 800 specially imported temperate cows.


Birth of an icon
(Late 50s)

In the late 50s, Magnolia’s pyramid shaped Tetra Pak lived up to its slogan “The Peak in quality in every household”, and rose to become an icon. It contained pasteurised and homogenised milk, and was available in 2 flavours: plain and creamy.


The growth of Magnolia’s drink range

In 1964, Magnolia was granted pioneer status by Singapore’s government to produce sterilised milk.
Bottled milk and condensed milk were then introduced into Magnolia’s Portfolio, joining the Magnolia 5 carbonated drink and cordial.

1969 saw the launch of butter manufacturing at the Magnolia Dairies complex at Bukit Timah, the first of its kind in Singapore. During this period, the Magnolia Pure Creamery Butter was introduced. Magnolia’s products were the first in Singapore to be awarded quality certificates by the now SPRING Singapore.


First Magnolia Snack Bar opens
(Late 60s)

During the late 60s, Magnolia opened its first Snack Bar at the old Capitol Building. Back then, it was like the Starbucks and Coffee Beans of today. Its ice cream, milkshakes and cakes were a hit with people from all walks of life, including many of the nation’s political leaders. Magnolia went on to open a total of 5 Snack Bars in Singapore and Malaysia.


Introduction of soya milk

Magnolia added soya milk in its range of products. A notable benefit of soy milk is its ability to promote cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol. Hence, it became very popular when Singapore’s government launched health campaigns which educated the public on nutrition and health.


A big win

Magnolia won top awards for its Tetra Pak cartons at the Singapore Manufacturer’s Association’s Singapore Packaging Award Competition.


Magnolia’s expansion into Asian drinks & desserts

In the early 80s, Magnolia introduced a range of drinks in flavours such as chrysanthemum, lemon barley, soya bean, honeydew, water chestnut, starfruit, soursop and guava. Sometime after that, in the late 80s, Magnolia launched its Skoop Dessert.


Launch of the Super M

In the mid-90s, Super M probiotic low fat milk and Magnovite reduced fat milk were introduced. Besides reduced fat, Magnovite was enriched with calcium and and is the predecessor of Magnolia’s Low Fat Hi Cal milk.


A new and improved Magnolia

Iconic Triangular Tetra Paks

Rectangular Tetra Paks

Packaging with sealed technology


Throughout the 90s, Magnolia worked on improving its milk packaging. This eventually led to the introduction of the sealed screw cap technology which kept the milk sealed for extra freshness. It also revamped its logo during that period.



Introduction of Magnolia Low Fat Fruit Milk

Magnolia launched its refreshing Low Fat Fruit Milk, in three flavours: apple, mango and mixed berries.


Birth of the new Smoo Milk

Magnolia introduced the Smoo Milk for children in 2005. It was the first UHT milk in Singapore to have Taurine as an ingredient, with a tagline that exclaimed “Smart Kids Luv Smoo!”


New Oat Milk joins the Magnolia family

As an innovator of new products, Magnolia successfully combined the goodness of oat with milk and launched its Lo-Fat-Hi-Cal Oat milk. It’s a tasty and healthier milk for all to enjoy.


Magnolia’s 70th birthday

In 2007, Magnolia celebrated its 70th anniversary in Singapore, and clinched the title: Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for the past 7 consecutive years.


More sizes, more choices

In order to provide more options for growing families, Magnolia released the 2 litre Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk.


Singapore’s first yoghurt drink

In 2009, Magnolia launched the Yoghurt Smoothie – the first and only yoghurt drink in Singapore with real fruit bits.


New Logo, New Package Designs, New Beginnings

Magnolia’s current fresh milk packs came into the market while Magnolia UHT Milk packs underwent a design change and  converted to flip-top opening.


Reaching out in new ways

Magnolia made its debut on Facebook to stay connected with consumers. In the same year, it forged a partnership with National Library Board to promote reading.


Magnolia turns 75

In line with its 75th anniversary, Magnolia released its “Goodness Across Generations” campaign to connect with generations of Singaporeans who grew up with Magnolia productions, by evoking fond memories.


Omega-3 milk: Magnolia’s new addition

The new Omega-3 milk was released in 2012. Packed with the natural hearty goodness of Omega-3, it contains DHA, an essential fatty acid that can only be obtained from food. A year later, the Omega-3 milk was also available in chocolate flavour.


Launch of Mixed Berries Yoghurt Smoothie with Nata De Coco

Magnolia released the refreshing Mixed Berries Yoghurt Smoothie with nata de coco in 2013. Made from non-fat yoghurt, real mixed berries juice and nata de coco, this smoothie also contains a special formula which contains live cultures.


Apple Yoghurt Smoothie with Pear Bits is introduced

2014 saw the launch of Magnolia’s Apple Yoghurt Smoothie with pear bits. Made with live cultures, this fruity delight helps promote a healthy digestive system.


Protecting the world’s forests

In an effort to save the forests, Magnolia is switching its packaging to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cartons in 2015. FSC cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees are either planted or naturally regenerated to replace harvested ones.


A fresh look for Magnolia

Magnolia unveiled a new modern look for its fresh milk packages in 2015. The milk wave on the package represents Magnolia’s commitment to provide delicious, wholesome goodness for you and your family.


Yuzu Yoghurt Smoothie with Orange Sacs is introduced

Magnolia launched the zesty Yuzu Yoghurt Smoothie with Orange Sacs in 2015. Besides being refreshing and light, Yuzu is full of nutrients such as antioxidants. This yoghurt smoothie is made with live cultures to maintain a healthier digestive system.



MAGNOLIA joined in the Kung Fu Panda craze with the third movie sequel, and introduced exclusive collectible Kung Fu Panda merchandise with every purchase of MAGNOLIA products. Because everyone loves Kung Fu fighting.



Fuel up your morning with the new MAGNOLIA PLUS OATS! Packed with nutritious oats, it now contains added Beta-glucan, a soluble fibre found naturally in whole grains and oat bran. Get the goodness of oats and Beta-glucan in every sip of delicious MAGNOLIA PLUS OATS. Now, starting your day has never been easier!

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