Start Your Day Smoothly with a Smoothie

What do smoothies have to do with New Year resolutions? Most people resolve to get healthier with the start of a New Year so why not begin 2017 by incorporating a power-packed smoothie into your breakfast? Start every day fresh and healthy with this nutrient-dense drink or choose it as a wonderful option for a meal or a snack.
A Wholesome Breakfast

A homemade smoothie first thing in the morning is an excellent choice especially if you need to have breakfast on the go, be it on the way to work or school. Besides its healthy nutrients, it prevents you from craving unhealthy breakfasts like sugar-laden cereals.
Packed with Nutrients

Instead of going with pre-packaged smoothies loaded with sugar and chemicals, opt for the healthier choice by making your own. Use natural and nutrient dense ingredients like fruits, vegetables, chia seeds and cod liver oil or flaxseed oil for a balanced, nutritious diet. It is also a great way of adding in a variety of nutrients from other sources such as spices like cinnamon and fenugreek.
Don’t Get Bored: Swap Ingredients

The beauty of smoothies is that you can have a different flavour every day by using a variety of vegetables, fruits and other healthy options. If you struggle with feeding fussy eaters, this is a great way to sneak both fruit and vegetables into their diet. For more variety, swap milk with a yoghurt drink for that added boost of probiotics and live culture. Probiotics help regulate the digestive system, decreasing gas, diarrhoea, constipation and bloating. To add more kick to your smoothie try Magnolia’s zero percent fat yoghurt smoothies with real fruit and crunchy nata de coco pieces.
Getting the Right Fats

Fat has been getting a lot of negative publicity over the years, yet, it is important for your body. It functions as an energy store, cushions vital organs and is a transport system for fat-soluble vitamins. Aim to consume fat in moderate amounts though because over-indulging can result in weight gain and obesity.

Dairy products like milk are a good source of both healthy fat and calcium which is needed for bone strength. Magnolia Fresh milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium per serving and only 10 grams of fat. To change things up, why not try a smoothie made using Magnolia Fresh Chocolate milk as a base? Each serving has 275 milligrams of calcium and only six grams of fat. Team it with a banana and/or strawberries for a power-packed breakfast that is yummy yet nutritious.

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