Points to Oat for Your Waistline

In our impractical (other times, desperate) quest to maintain lean silhouettes, flawless complexions and luscious locks from our teens to silver ages, we sometimes miss out on the best yet most unassuming foods that can be found in nature. Orange root vegetables, pumpkin seeds and goji seeds for instance, are some vitamin-rich foods that are full of collagen, keratin and elastin.

While these superfoods have their independent benefits, there are two that have the ability to cover all areas for you – oats and milk. Both aren’t too glamourous looking but they have the goods to back it up.

The Lowdown on Oats and Milk

One wonderful fact about oats is that they make ideal weight-loss companions. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), soluble fibre present in oats creates gels in your stomach, delaying you from feeling hungry and reducing the temptation of binge eating. And unlike sugary food and drinks, your body digests oats at a slower pace, which keeps blood sugar levels steady and energy aplenty!

It has been observed in a diet program designed by AHA for sugar junkies that in a test panel of more than 500 people, some lost up to three inches off their waists after consuming oats and milk for breakfast.

Within its unique and complex combination of fibres, oats also contain insoluble fibre that reduces blood cholesterol and feeds good bacteria to your gut. This triggers a healthy fatty acid that can moderate fat-causing inflammation. Some scientific researchers also believe that diets supplemented with insoluble fibre causes the body to provide a hormone known as gherlin that controls hunger.

Besides that, oats are rich in good carbohydrates – high in fibre and low in calories. Similar to soluble fibre, these good carbohydrates are digested slowly, allowing you to maximize the low calorie intake. This process aids in boosting metabolism as well as motivates the body to be more active!

Milk also prevents you from piling on fat because of its calcium content that helps reduce overall levels of body fat! Calcium, when stored in your fat cells, has a vital part to play in regulating how fat is processed and stored in your body. The higher the percentage of calcium in your fat cell, the more fat gets burnt. Thus, increasing weight loss. To prove the effects of calcium on the waist, a two-year trial was funded by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Dairy Council to be conducted by researchers from University of Negav, Israel. The trial helped researchers to conclude and confirm that the presence of calcium made a stark difference in body fat. It was also found calcium creates small increases in body temperature, to cause accelerated metabolism.

In addition to managing your weight, both oats and milk are also equipped with the nutrients to give you radiant skin and luscious locks! Oats act as a skin moisturizer and lightener as well as prevents hair loss; while milk shrinks pores, soothes skin irritations and smoothens rough and dry hair.

Now that it’s been established that oats and milk are likely to be the best waistline workers, the questions is, “What’s the fastest and easiest way to get this into my body?” Well, simply drink oat milk. Made with fresh milk and nutritious oat, with less than half the fat – but 67% more calcium than regular milk1, two glasses of oat milk a day before or after breakfast is all you need. Trust us, your bones and waistline will love you for it.

What’s equally fabulous about oat milk is that it caters to different taste buds. For those who prefer reduced milkiness, oat milk is viable alternative since its milky flavour is concealed by the sweetness of oat. On the flipside, anyone who finds oats slightly bland can tap into the creaminess of oat milk and still enjoy the wholesome nutrition from oats!

Make Sure Your Oat Milk is Fresh

It’s one thing to have your fridge stocked with an endless supply of oat milk, but another to ensure that it is fresh and safe for consumption. While milk is pasteurized to make it safe to drink, the nutrient laden creamy beverage still remains a delicate fresh produce. Once a carton of milk is opened, it is exposed to oxidation, loses quality and begins to lose its freshness rapidly.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) recommends that milk when opened be consumed within two to three days2. Milk opened any longer than this runs the risk of becoming infested with unhealthy bacteria. This can affect your digestive and immune systems and lead to food poisoning. You shouldn’t ever want to lose weight this way.

1 The description for oat milk is only in reference to Magnolia’s Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Oat Milk


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