Make Meals Healthier with Milk

Do you know exactly how much milk you drink every day? From a morning cup of kopi to laksa for lunch, you might be consuming more milk than you think!
Not all milks are made equal. Knowing about the health benefits of the type of milk you drink will help you make nutritious food choices and swap to the milk that you and your family need, such as high-calcium and low-fat milk. Calcium is a crucial bone-building nutrient for your young children and teenagers.[1] The low fat content in this milk is also good for you and your partner. Being overweight will increase your risk of developing diseases like diabetes and heart disease[2] – and you want to be in great shape to care for your family!

Here’s a low down on which type of milk you are consuming and tips on how to make the simple switch to a healthier type milk:

  • Kopi or teh: Switch your order to a kopi c or teh c with evaporated milk or better, make it a kopi o: coffee with no condensed or evaporated milk. Going without the sweetness might require a little tweaking of the tastebuds — but you will get used to it in just a few days! If you are making a drink at home, the Health Promotion Board recommends making it with low-fat milk.[3]


  • Tak giu or chocolate milk: Simply ask your kopitiam uncle not to add condensed milk. If you are making it at home, avoid adding condensed milk or try high calcium and low fat milk instead – it’s beneficial and makes the drink taste richer and creamier too.


  • Laksa: As coconut milk has more calories, the Health Promotion Board recommends replacing it with low-fat milk when cooking.[4] If you fear that milk will make this spicy noodle soup dish a little tasteless, compromise by replacing half the coconut milk with high-calcium and low-fat milk.


  • Curries: Whether you are making green or red, Thai or Indian curries, coconut milk can remain a staple — like with laksa, just replace half of the amount with a healthier type of milk.


  • Chicken or lamb rendang: Use low-fat evaporated milk, fresh milk or high-calcium and low-fat milk to make this dish a lot less sinful.






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