Live Healthy With Magnolia

Do you know that you can make healthier food choices with F&N Magnolia? All you need is some creativity and just a little bit of extra effort.



If you tend to rush out every morning without having breakfast, you might end up feeling faint and light-headed by the time you flop into your work chair. Prevent this from happening by drinking a glass of milk every morning.

Milk contains an amino acid known as trytophan, which is converted by the body into two sleep-inducing compounds – melatonin and serotonin – that help you sleep better. It may not be necessary to heat up the milk, but warm beverages tend to create a relaxed and cosy feeling that may pack you off to dreamland faster than you can say “milk”!



Despite having had a substantial breakfast, some of us might get hungry at      about 11am, which is a little too early for lunch. At times like this, we might      turn to snacks like potato chips or chocolate-coated biscuits, to satisfy the        hunger.

For a healthier snack option, why not try replacing those greasy snacks with     some low-fat, high-calcium yoghurt? Top off a bowl of that with some dried     raisins, berries and nuts, and drizzle a little honey over everything.               Alternatively, go for yoghurt drinks flavoured with natural fruit juices.






curry We Singaporeans love our curry, but it is often a rich, spicy and saturated fat-laden concoction that can wreak havoc on one’s health. The chief culprit is coconut milk, which imparts the rich, milky taste and creamy texture characteristic of curry.

However, there’s a healthier substitute for coconut milk in curry. Try swapping it for low-fat, whole yoghurt, which has been used in Indian-style cooking, especially curries, for a long time. The yoghurt not only lends a similar smooth, creamy texture to the curry, but also offers a more refreshing, tangy taste. So you can have your fill of curry with less than half the fat and guilt!





As more and more of us pick up endurance sports and events like triathlons and marathons, post-workout recovery has become more important than ever.

The body needs to replenish the protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that have been lost during the workout. According to some studies, milk (particularly chocolate milk) can deliver in this aspect as it offers an optimum mix of protein and carbohydrates for muscle repair. Other sports-essential nutrients that milk can replenish include potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, among others.




If you tend to get hungry before bedtime and find it hard to fall asleep, don’t reach out for that bag of greasy potato chips or container of sleeping pills. Sometimes, old remedies work best and that age-old advice about warm milk helping with sleep is one such golden tip.

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