5 Reasons Not To Miss The Oat

Steady Staying Power
Oats are an excellent source of carbohydrates that gently increases energy levels! Its high soluble fibre
content ensures that your body digests it slowly by releasing sugar slowly into your bloodstream,
allowing a steady flow of energy while preventing you from a “sugar crash”. Thus, a popular postwork-out
meal option for gym enthusiasts and fitness buffs.
It also makes a good superfood to kick start your day. Since most breakfast options contain little
or no protein, oat milk is one that will see to a sufficient protein intake first thing in the morning.

Twice as Powerful When Combined with Dairy
The combination of oats and low-fat dairy help deliver magnesium, increased heart health, reduced risk
of two types of diabetes, improved bone and muscle health. This powerful partnership between the two
has proven to effect the greatest blood pressure reduction compared to other tried and test diets. Plus,
it’s fuss-free and pocket-friendly!

Creates Your Ideal Waistline
Another perk for oats’ high soluble fibre content is that delays you from feeling hungry and reduces the
temptation to binge eat. A diet program once designed by the American Heart Association (AHA) for
sugar junkies observed that in a test panel of more than 500 people, some lost up to three inches off
their waists after consuming oats and milk for breakfast.
Milk, too prevents you from piling on fat because of its calcium content that helps reduce overall levels
of body fat! Calcium when stored in your fat cells has a vital part to play in regulating how fat is
processed and stored in your body. The higher the percentage of calcium in your fat cell, the more fat
gets burnt. Thus, increasing weight loss.

Soothes and Smoothens Skin

Various medical journals and reports such as the Skin Wrinkles and Blemishes, In- Depth Patient
Education Report from the University of Maryland Medical Centre have suggested that milk contains
lactic acid. This type of acid belongs to a class of natural chemical compounds called Alpha hydroxyl
acids (AHAs) known to promote the rate at which we shed our skin cells and may even stimulate
collagen and elastin growth.
Milk also contains enzymes that aid in creating clear and possibly glowing skin. Moreover, it is a rich
source of protein – a nutrient essential for the maintenance of many tissues including boosting your
skin’s elasticity by offering collagen and elastin.

Environmentally Friendly
Compared to other row crops, oats require less irrigation, fertilizer, chemicals and other inputs to grow
healthily. Since they’re naturally resistant to disease, herbicides and fungicides are hardly needed. In
addition, its fibrous root systems reduce the risk of soil erosion, improve soil organic matters and also
increase water absorption in soil.

Even the oat by-products are beneficial the environment’s health. With nearly the same potential
energy as coal, leftover oat hulls can be used to replace fossil fuels to generate electricity! These
humble hulls are used to power large universities and thousands of homes.

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