The History of F&N MAGNOLIA


• Birth of Magnolia brand.


• Setting up of Singapore dairy Farm in Bukit Timah
  (Chestnut Drive).
• 180 acres of farmland with an eventual herd of 800   specially    imported temperate cows.


• Tiger Lolly and Fruito were the most popular ice   cream in town.

Late 50s

• Start of iconic Magnolia pyramid shaped
  Tetra Pak which contain pasteurised and
  homogenised milk.

• 2 flavours : plain & creamery.

• Promotion slogan: “The Peak in quality in
  every household”.


• Bottled milk introduced into Magnolia’s Portfolio.

• Magnolia had carbonated drink (Magnolia 5) and   cordial.

• Birth of Magnolia Pure Creamery Butter.

• Magnolia Condensed Milk was included into   Magnolia’s portfolio of products.

• First products in Singapore to be awarded quality
  certificates by the-now SPRING Singapore.

Late 1960s

• 1st Magnolia Snack Bar at the old Capitol

• Subsequently there were a total of 5
  Magnolia Snack bars in Singapore &

Early 1970s

• Magnolia expanded range to include soya milk.

• Became very popular when Government of Singapore   
  launched health campaigns which educated the public
  on nutrition and health.


• Launch of many Singaporeans childhood favourites, Magnolia Brrr    Blobs, those creamy ice cream  with the happy faces.

• Kids loved licking its cheery face and biting off its little legs.   Magnolia Brrr Blobs were a treat to look forward to.


• Magnolia won top awards for Tetra Pak cartons and Glacier range of   Ice Cream at the Singapore Manufacturer’s  Association’s Singapore   Packaging Award Competition.

Late 1980s

• Magnolia Skoop Dessert was launched.

Early 1980s

• Magnolia expanded into Asian drinks & desserts.

Early 1990s

• Conversion of pyramid shaped packs to
   rectangular Tetra Paks.

Mid 1990s

• Introduction of Super M probiotic low fat   milk.
• Introduction of Magnovite reduced fat milk

Mid 1990s

• Introduction of Double Sealed Screw cap   technology on Magnolia packs for extra   freshness.


• Magnolia’s current packs came into the market.


• Magnolia UHT Milk packs underwent a design change and    converted to flip-top opening.


• Introduction of Magnolia Smoo Milk for children.

• The 1st UHT milk in Singapore with Taurine added. Slogan:   "Smart Kids Luv Smoo!".

Late 2006s

• Launched Magnolia Mag-a-Cone Supremo in 2 Flavours.

• Launched Cravio Crunchie Bliss Petite Bites in an interesting   Chinese Takeout’ paper packaging.

• Launched Magnolia Gelazia Tubs, replicating Italian styled
  ice cream in a classy paper tub.


• As an innovator of new products, Magnolia Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Oat   milk was launched by adding the goodness of oat to the   goodness of milk with great success.

• A tasty and healthier milk for all to enjoy.


• Providing more choices for growing families –   Launch of
2Litre Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk


• Magnolia’s 70th Anniversary in Singapore!

• Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for the past 7 consecutive years


• Introduced the first and only yoghurt drink in   Singapore with real fruit bits - F&N   MAGNOLIA   Yoghurt Smoothie


• New F&N MAGNOLIA logo is unveiled in   our “Build Your Imagination” campaign


• Celebrated World School Milk Day with a    Charity Milk Drive


• Added the new F&N MAGNOLIA Mixed   Berries Yoghurt Smoothie into our portfolio


• Debut on Facebook

• Partners National Library Board to promote reading